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When the clear blue sky showers love and affection, when the birds fill the surroundings with their chirps, when the twinkling eyes and the laughter tintinnabulations become a day long affair; it is the time of union of two souls. we call it “The Wedding”. We at Movie’ing Moments, capture the essence of a wedding by redacting the moments through films and stills. We believe that every wedding has a story behind it and we record and release it. We present the story in the visually most beautiful way. With a belief that marriage is a sacred union of two loving souls and hence, we make sure to keep the essence of the ceremonies alive. Our films and stills reel out moments where the bride donning her pretty lehenga takes pheras with the dapper groom, where the cupid showers it’s love and jubilates the triumph of love, where the bridesmaids demand a handsome sum of money from their brother- in- law, where the in- laws gel up like old friends, where the friends of the bride and groom try desperately to document their own love story amidst the hullabaloo of the wedding. We love weddings and make you fall in love every time you unfold the wedding memories captured by Movie’ing Moments.

Candid Photography

From the bride getting ready to the groom chilling with his friends, from the mother weeping silently to the relatives gorging on the feast; the candid photographers at Movie’ing Moments do not miss to capture the wedding madness.


The wedding films by Movie’ing Moments are like stories in motion. They take the bride and the groom on a memory spree every time they watch the film. The wedding films are shot with seamless perfection blended with raw emotions.


We capture the true pre-wedding romance in the pre-wedding albums. The pre-wedding shoots tell a true story of the blossoming love between the bride and the groom.

About Us

Passion for filmmaking, love for weddings, and joy in creating stories by freezing moments drove the founder, Vaaibhav Singvi, to establish Movie’ing Moments.
Movie’ing Moments is a wedding filming and photography studio. In the form of snaps and snippets , and reel and relays, the pre-wedding and the wedding is shot, in a fashion that epitomizes and emulates the charm of the silver screen. Since inception, Movie’ing Moments has reeled and rolled weddings by beautifully capturing the rituals, cultures and ceremonies as a true cinematographer would do.
Movie’ing Moment is a team of dedicated photographers, videographers and cinematographers who carry insatiable desire in making marriages The most Wonderful Event.


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Wedding Moments


Client Review

Movieing Moments shot our wedding. It was amazing working with them. They gave what they promised us. Very happy with the pictures. Eagerly waiting for the video. Thank you so much for making our wedding look so beautiful
Zarna Anam Katira
They covered my wedding & did my pre-wedding… I must say it was awesome experience with them…they exactly knew what we wanted and bought the best in us…very co-operative, creative, talented & most important pocket friendly.
Poonam Badala