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Aniket & Neha

While we hear of stories of couples having found love across states,countries and sometimes as far as continents, Aniket and Neha turned out to be one pair of lucky souls to have found love in each other just living next door(well in the same compound to be exact).

Their love blossomed over decades of knowing each other and when living just next door seemed too far they decided to tie the knot.

Aniket and Neha were one fun couples. They were so in love with the idea of being together forever that Emotions like Anxiety ,stress, ciaos typical of any wedding seemed alien to them. The 3 days of endless celebrations were a riot of colours, music, food, dance in short, a big fat Marwari wedding at its best.

The celebrations began with the Mehendi Ceremony which was much like a curtain raiser for the family and friends from both sides to bond and get to know each other. Aniket and Neha looked adorable in their colour coordinated Yellow and Green outfits.

This was followed by the Haldi ceremony ,cousins and ladies of the family left no stone unturned in drowning Aniket in Yellow. Yellow signifies sunshine, hope and happiness and there seemed to be abundance of it all over the celebrations.

The next evening was their grand Engagement Ceremony. The décor was exuding with grandeur yet simple and comforting in its own ways. When it was time to exchange rings, Aniket went old school , down on his knees and popped the question with ‘the ring’ winning Neha’s heart all over again. The engagement was followed by a super entertaining dance sequence by the cousins and relative. Taking the celebrations a notch higher was Aniket and Neha performing to some naughty Bollywood medleys.

Friends and relatives soon joined in making it one big party on the dance floor.

The D day finally arrived. with just a few hours away from their most awaited moment, one could feel a sense of calm and peacefulness in both of them, the kind of feeling one feels when you know you are headed in the right direction in life. Moving on to the arrangements, The décor done at the Sahara Star Mumbai, was simply splendid, It transported you to the Mughal Era with its sheer opulence. Aniket looked his happiest best, nothing less than a King on his Ghodi. The Baratis were one fun lot who danced up a storm and made a grand entry at the venue.

That moment when we all got to see Neha walking towards Aniket was magical.Aniket was clearly swept off his feet seeing his beautiful bride. He couldn’t simply take his eyes off her. She looked breathtakingly beautiful in her traditional Lehenga adorned with stunning kundan Jewellery.

Once the ceremonies of the marriage began it felt like the climax to a perfect fairytale.

Marwari weddings can be pretty long for the onlookers. Ideally only the close family and friends stay for this part of the celebrations. Despite it being long, it was a pleasure to watch the two get married laughing and chatting through it all.

The vidai being the time of departure was a heavy moment for all gathered,the pain however was overshadowed by the assurance of the happiness Neha was to find in Aniket’s arms forever.

This one truly seemed nothing less than a match made in heaven. We wish them the best if life.